The Facebook F8 Conference: 3 Biggest Updates You Need To Know

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May 10, 2019
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The Facebook F8 Developer Conference for 2019 wrapped up at the beginning of May and some exciting new product updates and announcements for Facebook’s core services were released.


We’ve listed our top three Facebook updates to help keep you in the digital know:


Facebook is being redesigned around group and events

After a plague of controversy this past year around Facebook invading its user’s privacy and encouraging social division, it’s focusing specifically around connecting people with close family and friends through the redesign of groups and events.

The redesign will be rolled out across mobile apps and desktop sites across the following months. You may have already noticed this change on your mobile app. The aim of the redesign is for a simpler, faster, more immersive experience and puts the focus on Stories, Groups and Events.

Facebook will enhance groups and events by creating a prominent groups tab and a personalised feed from the groups you’ve joined – rather than a generalised update feed from your friends.

Group interactions and notifications will appear while you’re browsing other parts of Facebook too. Expanding social circles is another main focus of the redesign. It includes a feature called Meet New Friends, which has the ability to connect complete strangers who have general things in common such as their school or job title. If you’re an Android or iOS app user, you will also be able to access these updates; along with the desktop site being revamped in the coming months.


Messenger introduces lighter, faster mobile app and new business tools:

After the recent simplifying and decluttering of the Messenger interface last year, Facebook is reengineering the entire structure of the platform from the ground up. The updated version of Messenger will focus on chat, highlight your “close friends”, and feature video co-watching capabilities.

Plus, the ability to set status messages and share photos with people you like and trust will make it easier to arrange offline hangouts. These changes will essentially help keep you up to date with your friends and enhance friendship experiences online and offline.

Alongside the revamped interface, Messenger will host a variety of new business tools. These include an appointment-booking function and a lead generation template built directly into Ads Manager, all of which will make it easier for business to drive in-store traffic, generate leads and improve their customer care.


Instagram adds the ability to shop from creators & adds more transparency to influencer campaigns:

Utilising influencers and their incredible audience reach will soon become every marketer’s dream. As part of Instagram’s broader strategy to connect advertisers and creators in more formal partnerships, they are developing a new type of ad called “branded content.”

This will allow brands to sponsor posts created by celebrities, influencers and publishers to promote as they would any other ad. These ads have already been introduced but are continually being tested.

Shopping in Instagram will soon be a seamless experience.

Purchasing a product directly from a creator’s Instagram post with new product tagging tools will enable this feature.

The ability to finalise a purchase from one online point and remaining in the same app or platform is essential in converting and generating sales. As a result, this update should see some increased results for eCommerce stores.

As always, Facebook and the digital marketing sphere are constantly undergoing changes and updates to enhance user experiences. These recent updates provide some exciting opportunities for digital markers and their ability to connect users with their desired products and services.

If you’re looking to take advantage of using these, and other Facebook updates to your full advantage – consider reading our blog post about how to determine if it’s time for you to invest in working with a digital marketing agency.


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