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Meet the Team

James Eyre

Managing Director

James Eyre has been working in the Digital Marketing industry for over 10 years. His passion for digital marketing has fuelled his drive to learn everything from search engine optimisation, Google AdWords to Facebook Campaigns and more.

Since starting in the industry, James has run, optimised and managed 100’s of campaigns Worldwide – helping client’s grow their list of leads, customers and sales.

James is not only the Digital Director at Space Digital, but also the team’s top digital strategist. He is known for his excellent training skills, being on top of ‘what’s new and working’ in marketing, as well as developing beginning to end strategies that convert again and again.

Lana Thomas

Creative Director

Lana Luise is not only a powerhouse of knowledge in the digital space, but she is also one of the Space Team’s amazing Directors. If your business needs a marketing audit, marketing consultant or simply a little marketing advise, Lana is the guru you are looking for. She specialises in helping client’s gain new leads and making strong, lasting impressions online!

If Lana looks familiar, then there’s a pretty high chance you’ve seen her speak at any of the national events that she’s presented at, or you might recognise her from her own online presence. Lana prides herself on sharing her marketing knowhow and advisory expertise as she shares her favourite marketing and branding strategies with business professionals, business owners and startups.

Lana is also known for being an amazing sounding board for creative content and ideas, so if you are thinking of ways to make your online presence more, well, present, then Lana is the girl you want to speak to!

Riana Horner

Digital Account Manager

Meet Riri, Digital Account Manager and go-to Content Writer of the Space Digital team. Ri really is the classic ‘pomme’ of the group, currently averaging 10 cups of English breakfast tea per day. She also has a slight addiction to munching on pink lady apples.

Aside from eating, Ri is our team’s creative Facebook Ad generator and go-to content writer, with her Bachelor degree in Journalism. Ri spends her free time blogging about fashion (the underneath of her desk resembles a shoe store) and working as a social media influencer.

Emily Hills

Senior Digital Designer

Emily Hills is Space Digital’s head web designer and developer. Emily has a Bachelor of Business as well as a Bachelor of Creative Industries, Marketing and Interactive and Visual Design. These credentials along with her extensive experience – makes every single one of her finished projects, well, incredible! She also has an impressive snack drawer in the office which makes her rather popular.

Emily spends her weekends playing indoor soccer, binge-watching TV shows and movies and playing with her adorable puppy, Misse.

If you need an ace website design, Emily’s your girl.

Lauren MacDougall

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Meet Lauren, our awesome Digital Marketing Coordinator and newest member of the Space Digital team. With Lauren’s valued experience and Bachelor of Mass Communication, she assists with the manning of our clients’ social media content, influencer marketing, EDMs, Facebook ads, landing pages and more.

Outside of work, Lauren’s calendar is filled with social events, including wining and dining with friends and rocking out at concerts – she has an (un)healthy obsession with music and festivals! Among her many other interests are fashion, social media, and eating Vietnamese and Thai food. Speaking of food, Lauren is known for always being hungry at work but always forgetting to bring snacks … is that where all the food went?

Steph McGrath

Social Media Coordinator

Who you gonna call? Steph of course!
Steph is our awesome client services gal, the one that holds us all together and keeps us sane. She is our go-to person for all things ‘quick, help me!’ and ensures our clients experience the best possible service from Space Digital.

Steph describes her life as being like the movie I am legend because, well, she is a legend. When Steph isn’t chatting away to our fabulous clients and mastering the art of Scoro Onboarding, you will find her sipping sweet rosé and escaping to the beach for some down time.

Steph studied a Bachelor of Entertainment Industries at QUT. Perhaps that’s where she got the brilliant idea to organise an office subscription to VinoMofo, meaning we get delicious wine delivered to our door every month!

Ashleigh Harvey

Digital Designer

Meet Ash, our Graphic Design whiz! Having studied a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Advertising and Graphic Design, at QUT, she’s your go to gal for all things creative.

Not only is she a design superstar, she’s also a genius when it comes to baking. The Space Digital team love when she brings in one of her new creations but brownies are definitely a crowd favourite. In her spare time you will also find her playing such video games as Persona 5, Overwatch, Guild Wars 2, Overcooked, Mario Kart 8, and many more.

Rebecca Patrick

Account Manager / Copywriter

Bec is our new Account Manager/ Copywriter. Bec studied a double degree in Business (Marketing) and Fine Arts (Creative and Professional Writing) at QUT.

As an avocado enthusiast, she’s passionate about all things avo and the food that goes with it! On the weekends you’ll find her enjoying a cheeky cocktail or two, eating hot chips (with extra chicken salt) at the beach, or fighting to keep her mischievous White Swiss Shepherd pup out of the dirt.

Kurtley Osborne

IT & Systems Expert

Kurtley is our go to computer guy. If anything stops working and interrupts our creative groove, he’s the guy we can rely on to fix it immediately.

While he is our fix-it computer genius who resolves any issues we have at our workstations, he is also the guy we go to when we want to know all about sports! Whether that’s Basketball, NRL, American Football or even Cricket – you want to know something sports? Kurtley will give you the answer. Oh, and he loves a beer too!

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