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Key Team Members

James Walker

Managing Director

James has been working in the Digital Marketing industry for over 10 years. His passion for digital marketing has fuelled his drive to learn everything from search engine optimisation, Google AdWords to Facebook Campaigns and more.

Since starting in the industry, James has run, optimised and managed 100’s of campaigns Worldwide – helping client’s grow their list of leads, customers and sales.

James is not only the Digital Director at Space Digital, but also the team’s top digital strategist. He is known for his excellent training skills, being on top of ‘what’s new and working’ in marketing, as well as developing beginning to end strategies that convert again and again.

Lana Hill

Creative Director

Lana Hill is not only a powerhouse of knowledge in the digital space, but she is also one of the Space Team’s amazing Directors. If your business needs a marketing audit, marketing consultant or simply a little marketing advise, Lana is the guru you are looking for. She specialises in helping client’s gain new leads and making strong, lasting impressions online!

If Lana looks familiar, then there’s a pretty high chance you’ve seen her speak at any of the national events that she’s presented at, or you might recognise her from her own online presence. Lana prides herself on sharing her marketing knowhow and advisory expertise as she shares her favourite marketing and branding strategies with business professionals, business owners and startups.

Lana is also known for being an amazing sounding board for creative content and ideas, so if you are thinking of ways to make your online presence more, well, present, then Lana is the girl you want to speak to!

Lauren MacDougall

Digital Performance Manager

Meet Lauren, our awesome Digital Marketing Manager. With Lauren’s valued experience and Bachelor of Mass Communication, she assists with the manning of our clients’ social media content, influencer marketing, EDMs, Facebook ads, landing pages and more.

Outside of work, Lauren’s calendar is filled with social events, including wining and dining with friends and rocking out at concerts – she has an (un)healthy obsession with music and festivals! Among her many other interests are fashion, social media, and eating Vietnamese and Thai food. Speaking of food, Lauren is known for always being hungry at work but always forgetting to bring snacks … is that where all the food went?

Steph McGrath

Digital Performance Manager

Selling on social media (without being salesy). Producing content that cuts through the noise. Attracting (the right) customers. And converting those customers into true (paying) fans.

That’s what I do!

Why is this so important?

Because I am part of a growing business, I understand the importance of having a constant influx of leads/customers and ultimately revenue, coming into the business. Without it, stress builds up, tough decisions have to be made and that takes its toll on your health and wellbeing.

Now more than ever, the media buying game is extremely competitive with over 6 million businesses using Facebook ads to reach their target audiences. This statistic is a testament to the fact that more businesses are realising that Facebook advertising is not only effective but vital in helping them remain competitive in the busy online marketplace.

So, taking advantage of such a powerful marketing platform should be at the forefront of a businesses’ development goals.

Facebook Ads have the ability to turn $1 into multiple $$$$, yet a lot of businesses are not harnessing this value for money opportunity.

This is where I come in! I have a passion for creating full-funnel campaigns that consistently deliver the best possible ROI, so my clients can spend more time refining their product or service and doing what they love.

I have over 2 years of experience as a Digital Performance Manager across both paid and organic social media landscapes. I am a progressive thinker who can successfully develop and evolve a company’s digital activity across Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. With agency experience, I can adapt strategies to suit a range of industries and services and pride myself on having a can-do attitude.

If creating quality content that turns people into loyal fans interests you, email me at 📲

If we were to describe Steph in 3 words it would be social, sunkissed and sippin-rosé! She’s always up for planning events and you’ll never find her with chapped lips, but instead she’ll always have a tube of Paw Paw Ointment by her side.

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