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If your website is not currently ranking in the search results for your key products or services, you are missing out on a lot of potential clients. This is where our Google AdWords management comes in – we can have you listed in the top spot on Google within 7 days for all the relevant terms for your business!

Now this does come with a cost. Unlike free organic search listings, using Google AdWords means you pay every time someone clicks on your link. Google makes it easy to spend a lot of money on their platform, therefore without the right knowledge, you can blow through your ad budget very quickly without seeing any results. This is why it is so important to have an expert manage your AdWords account.

Space Digital is an official Google Partner and our Digital Marketing Team are Google Certified. In short, this means we have the knowledge and experience to ensure your campaign performs at its best, follows all of Google’s best practices and is using all of the latest techniques.


Google AdWords Campaign Management

A successful Google AdWords campaign requires continual optimisation; it is not a ‘set and forget it’ platform. Our Google AdWords Campaign Management service gives you peace of mind, knowing your campaign is being taking care of by experts and it is performing at an optimal level.

Before setting up your campaign, our team gets a thorough understanding of your business, your products/services and online goals. We conduct extensive keyword and competitor research. We then create a conversion orientated strategy and build a campaign that is outcome focused and optimised for results.

Once your campaign is live and accumulating data, we constantly test and optimise every aspect to ensure that it continually performs better and better. Our team will be monitoring what keywords are triggering conversions and building a negative keyword list to stop your ads from showing for irrelevant or non converting keywords (this is a big area where people waste a lot of money!)

Each month, we provide you with a detailed monthly report in a format that you can easily understand. The report gives you all the information you need to gauge how your campaign is performing and includes an analysis on the past month and actions for the coming month.

Budget – Starting from $500/month (no contracts)

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