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We are a proud member of the Google Partners program! To qualify for this, Ad Agencies like ourselves have to meet the requirements set by Google to achieve this status. This helps businesses identify agencies that have the certification, experience and ability to run successful AdWords Campaigns.

These requirements include:

  • Employees at a Partner Agency must be Google Certified.
  • The Partner Agency must meet and exceed a minimum performance level across all client campaigns.
  • The Partner Agency must manage a minimum of $10k of ad budget each month.

As a Certified Google Partner we enjoy the benefits of having a direct line to Google support, we’re notified of any upcoming changes to the platform (so we can ensure our clients can take advantage) and we are also invited to Google Masterclasses throughout the year.

All of this gives you the peace of mind that we ‘know our sh*t’ and are able to make sure your Google AdWords campaign is going to excel.

For information on our Google AdWords Management services please click here!

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