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About Space Digital

Space Digital is a dedicated team of creatives with an expertise in all things digital.

With over 10-years experience in the marketing world, Space Digital Director James Eyre founded the firm in 2014, alongside partners Lana Luise and Andrew Walker.

Today, the Space Digital team is made up of skilled graphic designers, copywriters, marketing managers, web developers, and photographers. Our diverse creative backgrounds enable us to offer a broad range of quality services to boost your online presence.

We work with all types of businesses, from small start-ups to large international companies. We provide everything digital marketing, such website design, and development, graphic design work, marketing campaign management on the greatest advertising platforms of today, qualified copywriting services and much, much more!

Our results-driven culture and commitment to producing only the highest standard of work are the reason we continually receive outstanding results. Our track record of client satisfaction comes from our expert knowledge and experience of what really works.

Want Space Digital to work it’s magic on your company? Contact us today to discuss how our team can work with you.

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