Get 2019 Ready – What’s Your Email Marketing Strategy?

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Email Marketing Strategy

With only a couple weeks left of 2018, it’s time to start looking towards the new year and getting prepared.

Email marketing is still the most cost effective digital marketing strategy available to businesses but is often not implemented correctly due to poor planning.

So, have you thought about your email marketing strategy for 2019?

We’ve got 3 of the top tips for you to start thinking about when planning out your emails for next year.


Make A Plan

Now, I’m sure you know by now that it’s important to have a solid plan in place before you execute anything within your business. Well, email marketing is not the exception and I’m not about to tell you otherwise.

When creating your email marketing strategy for the new year, you should create a plan that shows the emails you will be creating for the year. This includes knowing the purpose of this email, what you want the result to be as well as the content and call to action. Be sure to identify specific holidays and sale periods and highlight which ones relate to your products or services.


email marketing strategy


Keep An Eye On Trends

The world of digital marketing is ever changing and a range of new strategies have become available for you to implement into your email marketing strategy for this year alone. We recommend keeping an eye on new and upcoming trends in the new year in order to be able to integrate them into your strategy. By having a plan already in place, you will be able to decide where these new strategies can be used and where they fit best.

The aim of 2019 is to ensure you are optimising your email marketing to obtain the best results across the year.

Email Marketing Strategy


Get Visual

Are you a lover of heavy text and have a habit of flooding your emails with too much? Well, this will need to change.  

In recent years, the switch to more visual content has gained greater success than emails that are too text heavy. By including visuals and animations into your emails, they become more appealing to your audience and more likely to result in them engaging with your brand.


email marketing strategy


Know Your Audience

It’s important when creating your email marketing strategy for the new year to consider your audience. As they are the main source of profit, you should be creating your content to appeal to them. By knowing who your audience is, what they respond best to and speaking to them in a way that will bring the best outcome, you will find you’ll receive more engagement with your business than ever before. If you’re not sure, put yourself in their shoes and think about what would make them purchase your product or service. Keep experimenting until you find the right fit.


email marketing strategy


The new year is just around the corner. If you haven’t started thinking about your 2019 marketing strategy, it’s not too late. To find out more about what you should be including in your planning for the next lap around the sun, contact one of our friendly industry experts here at Space Digital on (07) 3724 0469 or head to our Email Marketing Page.