Surround yourself with good people
and good things will happen.

Meet the Team

James Eyre

Managing Director

As Space Digital’s Founder, Managing Director and the coolest-boss-ever, James is a very busy-bee. With over 10-years’ experience in the industry and his hunger for knowledge in digital marketing, he really is the chief of online world.

James provides an enjoyable, relaxed work culture at Space Digital, making the agency what it truly is today; an awesome place to work! He also happens to have the best hair on the team (aside from when Hannah rocks up with a pink bob).

If James isn’t hammering away at his computer or re-caffeinating with yet another coffee, you will find him at the freshest bars in Brisbane drinking fancy red wines. It’s safe to say we’re very lucky to have James as the captain of the ship.

Lana Thomas


Lana Luise is not only a powerhouse of knowledge in the Digital space, but she is also one of the Space Team’s amazing Directors. If your business needs a marketing audit or simply a little marketing advise, Lana is the guru you are looking for. She specialises in helping client’s gain new leads and making strong, lasting impressions online!

Lana also prides herself of getting to know exactly who you are, what drives and motivates your business and why you love and do what you do. This way Lana can create the most effective digital marketing strategy and really target your audience. Lana is also an amazing sounding board for creative content and ideas, so if you are thinking of ways to make your online presence more, well, present, then Lana is the girl you want to speak to!

When Lana is not helping her clients create an amazing online presence, she can be spotted with a glass of wine in her hand and at all the latest and newest events in Brisbane, walking her adorable pug puppy, Batman, or getting to know the some new people at local networking events. Lana is also on the board of Brisbane Junior Chamber of Commerce and a frequent face at The Brisbane Club.

Andrew Walker


Andrew has an incredible ability to analyse and structure … well, anything. He ensures every project at Space Digital delivers a remarkable result by putting the correct, powerful, strategic plans in place.

Andrew holds a Bachelor of Business and Accountancy, a Graduate Diploma in Chartered Accountancy, is a registered tax agent and is Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia … is that all? No. He is also the father of two gorgeous boys who like to charm the office with their cuteness!

Nick Hill


Nick is the guy who develops the systems that produce the great results over and over again. With a specialty in process improvement, cloud advisory, cash flow forecasting & KPI reporting, we rely on Nick to set us on the straight and narrow.

Nick holds a Bachelor of Business, a Graduate Diploma in Chartered Accountancy is a registered tax agent and is Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia. He also has an incredible artistic talent with an eye for detail and minimalistic designs. His ‘less-is-more’ approach to art is a breath of fresh air to the chaos from that of the digital world.

Riana Horner

Digital Account Manager

Meet Riri, Digital Account Manager and go-to Content Writer of the Space Digital team. Ri really is the classic ‘pomme’ of the group, currently averaging 10 cups of English breakfast tea per day. She also has a slight addiction to chewing gum and munching on pink lady apples.

Aside from eating, Ri is our team’s creative Facebook Ad generator and go-to content writer, with her Bachelor degree in Journalism. Ri spends her free time blogging about fashion (the underneath of her desk resembles a shoe store) and working as a social media influencer.

Emily Hills

Digital Designer

Say hello to the latest and greatest member of the team and digital designing guru, Emily. Emily’s Bachelor degree of Business (Marketing, Bachelor of Creative Industries (Interactive and Visual Design) and extensive experience makes every single one of her finished projects, well, incredible! She also has an impressive snack drawer in the office which makes her rather popular.

Emily spends her weekends playing indoor soccer, binge watching TV shows and movies and playing with her adorable puppy, Misse.

If you need an ace design, Emily’s your girl.

Virgil Townsend

Digital Account Manager

Kurtley Osborne

IT & Systems Expert

Kurtley is our go to computer guy. If anything stops working and interrupts our creative groove, he’s the guy we can rely on to fix it immediately.

While he is our fix-it computer genius who resolves any issues we have at our workstations, he is also the guy we go to when we want to know all about sports! Whether that’s Basketball, NRL, American Football or even Cricket – you want to know something sports? Kurtley will give you the answer. Oh, and he loves a beer too!

Jade Wells

Internal Designer

She’s a one-of-a-kind, working whizz, designing master from Liverpool. If it’s not Jade’s bubbly personality, great accent or hilarious stories that have you totally infatuated with her, it’s her remarkable talent for graphic design.

Jade established herself as a highly-skilled graphic designer in the UK after achieving a BA (Hon) of Graphic Arts. Since moving to Australia in 2014, her creative designs and artwork for print & digital have only flourished. Who d’you think created our awesome website?

Hannah Stonadge

Client Services

Hannah is the one that makes things happen here. When she isn’t greeting our amazing clients, strategically balancing phone calls with emails, or rocking the title of Space Digital’s #GirlBoss, you will find her at the sewing machine designing and making cool clothes, trying to find a protein shake that actually tastes good or unintentionally outfit twinning with Riri.

Hannah also happens to be the most organised person on the team. What time’s your mum over for dinner tonight? Hannah knows!